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Upstate Elevator Operators’ Elvis Glue named Leafly’s Best Vermont Strain of 2023

In October, over 900 budtenders across America voted for their Best Strains of 2023 on Leafly. Lo and behold, what gets named as Budtenders’ Choice for the state of Vermont, but Upstate Elevator Operators’ own Elvis Glue! 

Elvis Glue Lineage 

To create Elvis Glue, we harnessed the full microbial superpowers of our Burlington, VT Living Soil grow facility to fuse the unique, pleather terpene profile of old-school VT heirloom cultivar, Elvis with the gas-forward potency of Gorilla Glue #4. 

This Upstate Elevator Operators exclusive super strain will set you up with a powerful, spacey head high that moves nicely into a deep, full-on body melt.

Where to find Upstate Elevator Operators’ Strains 

While this budtender favorite is not currently in this harvest’s rotation, you’ll be sure to see it pop back up in 2024. In the meantime, our Living Soil grow facility at Green State Dispensary is stoked to be rolling out our final harvest of the year with favorites such as Cap Junky, RS11, Grape GMO and more hitting our shelves weekly!

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