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How We Grow

Cultivation room

Organic, Curated Vermont Cannabis

We don’t just sell cannabis; we also grow it. Through our family brand, Upstate Elevator Operators, we bring some of the cleanest, most interesting craft cannabis strains around. This is no fly-by-night pandemic weed garden; this is artisanal, organic cannabis cultivation at its finest.

Living Soil Cannabis

Living Soil: Our Dirt is Clean

We grow all our Upstate Elevator Operators flower through a living soil process: no pesticides, no chemical fertilizers and 100% certified organic soil amendments. Clean soil makes for clean cannabis, which makes for a better experience for our customers. We feed the soil, so the plants feed themselves.

Upstate Elevator Operators Cannabis

We’re Not the Walmart of Weed

Our aim was never to be a major grower of Vermont cannabis flower. We were looking to scratch the itch of cultivation, get our hands dirty – literally – and work on creating truly craft cannabis offerings. Those craft offerings come at a craft scale, which is why all our Operators flower is available in limited quantities for limited time. Don’t sleep on these!

Organic Living Soil Cannabis grown at Green State Dispensary

Curiosities Over Quantities

Growing our own flower allows us to experiment. Got a landrace cutting we’ve been sitting on for two decades? Let’s get it flowering and see what pops! Got a misfit outcross that came to you in a dream? Get it in the dirt and let’s meet the bizarro offspring! Keeping things small lets us mess with the strains worth talking about – and above all, it lets us keep things weird.