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Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Special Stoner in Your Life

Valentine’s Day, the quintessential corporate love fest, is upon us once again, but who says the romance has to be conventional? For those with a special stoner in their life, why not elevate the celebration with a Valentine’s Day gift as high as your love? Because, let’s face it, nothing says “I love you” like a beautiful bouquet of bud. 

Treat your significant other, best bud, or yourself to some green delights here at Green State! From handcrafted THC chocolates and edibles to cozy winter beanies and cannabis body oils, we’ve curated our Valentine’s Day Gift Guide to cater to every budget. 

So, this Valentine’s Day, ditch the roses and let the good vibes roll with gifts that are as unique as your connection. Love might be in the air, but with our curated selection, it’s also in the smoke.

Fire As Fuck Premium THC Vape Cartridge

We suggest gifting this to someone Cool as Fuck. Shop Now >

Soothing THC Massage Oil

If physical touch and quality time are your beau’s love language, show them you know them well with THC-infused massage oil and 30 minutes of undivided attention. Crafted with organic chamomile blossoms, calendula, roses, and cannabis oil for the soothing massage experience you’ve longed for. Additionally, rest assured that it’s safe for ingestion, just in case you were curious. Shop Now >

5mg Strawberry Lemonade Rosin Gummies

Nothing says refreshment like strawberry lemonade, especially when paired with the bright and tangy buzz from these Upstate Elevator Operators 5mg THC gummies. 

P.S. These gummies are perfect for those seeking a little extra spark around Valentine’s Day or for any day for that matter! We’re not saying it’s an aphrodisiac, but we’re not not saying that either. Shop Now >

THC Soaking Salts

While these THC Soaking Salts from Family Tree won’t induce a high, they will help your aches and ouches float away with deep relaxation and calm, making them an ideal gift for Valentine’s Day. Choose from Lavender Spruce Sage or Lemongrass & Geranium. Shop Now >

New Upstate Elevator Operators THC Seltzer + Soda

Add a bit of buzz to your Valentine’s Day with Upstate Elevator Operators‘ new Blackberry Zinger THC Soda and Good Guava! THC Seltzer. These new ultra fast acting THC drinks are crafted with premium cannabis extract, organic blue agave, and no preservatives for a truly guilt-free high. Shop Now >

5mg Maple Buttercream-Infused Bonbons

For the confection connoisseur, the discerning darling in your life, these treats can’t be beat. Real Vermont maple, buttercream, 5mg THC… do we need to go on? Shop Now >

Tropical Sunrise THC+CBD Gummies

Tropical Sunrise THC + CBD Gummy

Know someone who needs a little extra elevation in their life? Give these a try! Perfect for the one who doesn’t need a major adjustment, and just a little lift will do. These new Tropical Sunrise THC+CBD gummies feature 1mg ∆9 THC and 15mg CBD to give you the elevated vibes you need to get things done, without any spiciness. Shop Now >

Highly Rooted Body Butter

Highly Rooted’s Whipped Body Butter is a rich, decadent THC and CBD-infused topical. Crafted with natural shea butter, CBD, THC distillate, and arnica flower-infused coconut oil, this lavish treat is a thoughtful and indulgent gift for your loved ones who need to relieve a little tension (or a lot). Shop Now >

50mg Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Bar

A universal crowd pleaser perfectly tempered 72% cacao dark chocolate + crunchy, briny Maldon sea salt flakes + 5mg THC beats Russell Stover any day. (Sorry Russell. But you know it’s true.) Shop Now >

Upstate Elevator Operators Beanies

Get lit in style! Stay cozy and warm during your winter smoke sesh with a beanie from Upstate! Shop Now >

Purp Walk Tee

For the rebel and the renegade, maybe the one who qualified Biden’s presidential pardon for marijuana possession? Your wardrobe’s new conversation starter awaits! We’re reclaiming the moniker and honoring the Granddaddy of Purps.  (Available in sizes S – XXL) Shop Now >

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